Hindi’z Design is established as an innovative design firm offering full service in interior, exterior, furniture, and landscape design.

“My designs are more than living spaces; they come to life as functional installation art.”

Hind Baghdadi is an artist/painter/designer working all around the globe. From Miami to Milan to her hometown Marrakesh, Hind has designed homes, restaurants, lounges, landscapes, yachts, furniture and urban architecture.

Known for bold concepts, attention to detail and always coloring outside the lines, Hind immerses herself in each project to offer her clients a truly customized and unique space reflective of their personalities, accompanied by her unpredictable and creative touch.

Her love for architecture and nature combined, Hind is also trained in green building and building cob houses, a part of her on-going quest to help others achieve a more eco-friendly and sustainable life style.

Hind graduated from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale in 2007 and has been working as a lead designer in her own firm Hindi’z Design since, while collaborating with other design firms.


Contact info:

Email: Hindizdesign@gmail.com

Phone: 305-367-1939